Strasbourg Weather

Strasbourg is situated in France, in the Northern Hemisphere, near the German border, in the Alsatian region, and it features a temperate climate. Due to its location between the Vosges Mountains and the Black Forest Mountains, in the upper Rhine region, winds in Strasbourg are not that powerful, being softened by certain natural barriers which put a stop to the winds coming from both sides (although it is known the mistral represents a climatic feature of the region ). This could also have a negative side, Strasbourg being one of most polluted cities in France, the reason being the same.

In Strasbourg, precipitations are low, this pointing to the unnaturally high summer temperatures (between 26°C tand 79°F in the hottest months of the year: July and August). In winter, average annual temperatures can vary between 15°C / 59°F. It is also important to say winters in Strasbourg are occasionally snowy and frosty, despite the hot summers.