How to get around in Strasbourg

Public transportation in Strasbourg is said to be excellent. There are city buses, trams, and regional buses that make it very easy to get around in Strasbourg. Those who choose to get around by car will not be very glad to know that the roads are congested. One small inconvenient refers to the scarcity of parking places in the center of the city.

By tram

The tram is maybe the most comfortable way to take a journey through Strasbourg. The most effective tram lines are A, B, C and D, which connect the districts of the city. Lines A, B and C operate every day, between 04.30-00.30, while line D operates every day, except Sunday, from 7.00 to 19.00.

By bus

Buses operate almost everywhere in Strasbourg. 27 different bus lines operate until 23.00 every day. The Unipass tickets cover the price of the journey. Children don’t need a ticket.

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By taxi

Taxis are a comfortable way to get around in Strasbourg. However, the city centre is a pedestrian area, which means taxis can only get you to the perimeter. You can find taxies at the train station and at the Place de l’Homme de Fer. You can also hire a taxi 24 hours a day. The most important taxi companies are MM Taxi Strasbourg, Alsace Taxi, Taxi 13, Mondial Taxi, Novo Taxi and Taxi Beltaief.

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