Dumbach-la-Ville / Surroundings

The town of Dumbach, an old town, has preserved parts of its old walls. The Saint Sebastien chapel has been lying here since the 11th century, reuniting styles like Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque. In the town of Dumbach, there is also a culinary festival named Fete de la Myetille, taking place in the third weekend of July, each year.

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Dumbach-la-Ville is an old Alsatian town that preserved its walls, famous for its Saint Sebastian chapel.


Cabinet of Prints and Drawings

Cabinet of Prints and Drawings displays a collection of approximately 220 000 drawings and prints belonging to Pollaiuolo, Mantegna, Dürer, Baldung-Grien.



Rosheimused to be a member of the Decapolis, being, as most Alsatian villages, well preserved.