The Sainte-Madeleine Church / Religious Edifices

The Sainte-Madeleine Church too is a famous Catholic church (Église Sainte-Madeleine, German: Magdalenenkirche) built in the 13th century as the fourth edifice dedicated to Mary Magdalene. It has been classified as a historic monument since one century ago. The church was destroyed many times, over the years. The first disaster came over the Sainte-Madeleine Church in 1904, because of a fire. The church was reconstructed not long after. Despite the fact the reconstruction was intended to restore the 15th century Gothic architecture, the style resembled more to Jugendstil. The church was destroyed again in the 2nd World War, and subsequently reconstructed in a modern way. In 1718, an organ built by the same famous Andreas Silbermann was given to the Church of Sainte-Madeleine.

Sainte-Madeleine Church
Place Sainte-Madeleine, 67000 Strasbourg, France‎

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