Religious Edifices

Saint Pierre le Jeune Catholic Church

Saint Pierre le Jeune Catholic Church is a main place of worship in France, and should not be confused with other Saint Pierre churces in Strasbourg.


Saint Pierre le Vieux

Saint Pierre le Vieux in Strasbourg is known to be the first Catholic church built on Roman Road called Strata Superior.


Saint Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant Church

Saint Pierre-le-Jeune Protestant Church is on of the Saint Pierre churches in Strasbourg, being a Protestant Church.


Saint Thomas Church

Saint Thomas Church is the main Protestant church in Strasbourg, also known as the Old Lady of Strasbourg.


St Guillaume Church

St. Guillaume Church in Strasbourg is a wonderful visiting point, reminder of the Lutheran period, also with a fine acoustic.


The Cathedral of Our Lady

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg is the most important religious edifice in Strasbourg, constructed between 1015 and 1439, being Roman-Catholic.